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Sterile First Aid Kit x1

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Lifesystems Sterile First Aid Kit

The Sterile First Aid Kit from Lifesystems is designed for GPs or patients to carry with them whilst travelling or on vacation. The travel pack provides users with sterile equipment in case the destination lacks sterile products.

The sterile kit is particularly useful when travelling in areas where modern, sterile first aid may be difficult to access.


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Product Data
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Contents • Primary Care Leaflet x1
• Sterile Insert Card x1
• Plaster Pack x1
• Wound Closure Strips x3 x1
• Vinyl Gloves (pairs) x2
• Micropore Tape 1.25cm x1
• Alcohol-Free Cleaning Wipe x6
• 2ml Syringe x2
• 5ml Syringe x2
• 10ml Syringe x1
• IV Cannula 18g x1
• White 19g Needle x1
• Green 21g Needle x2
• Blue 23g Needle x2
• Orange 25g Needle x1
• Scalpel Blades x1
• SOFSILK Suture 3-0 bk 45cm x1
• 4.5"" x 6.5"" Mini-Seal Bag x1