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    Extensive product ranges
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Treatment Essentials

Your treatment essentials at your fingertips, everything you need from wound cleaning, treatment, and dressing.  Browse our range of dressing packs, swabs and bandages, cotton wool, and plasters right through to cannulas and needles. 


High quality and great value wound care products suitable for treating multiple injuries and burns. Clean, protect and heal wounds at the lowest price.


A wide range of dressings, barrier creams and fracture management products to ensure the best clinical outcome for the patient.


A wide range of adhesive, conforming, crepe and tubular bandages for clinical settings at the lowest price.

Dressing Packs

A wide range of easy to use dressing kits ideal for use while cleaning and treating infected wounds.


High-quality, needles, syringes and blood collection sets for GP surgeries, Health Centres, Hospitals and all other clinical settings.


Cannula & Catheterisation

A wide range of cannulas, syringes and infusion sets suitable for examination and treatment in clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. Available in multiple sizes, gauges and application versions.

A&E & First Aid

Workplace, burns and travel first aid kits available in multiple sizes. Keep your premises compliant with our wide range of first aid products.

Swabs & Cotton Wool

Our range of swabs and cotton wool, ideal for cleaning the skin around a wound in preparation for treatment


The range of tourniquets available, are lightweight, cost-effective, easily stored and designed for use within a number of different  scenarios