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The importance of a Health & Safety Assessments

Ensuring your business has the correct Disability Access

Under the Equality Act 2010, public sector authorities have a legal duty to ensure accessibility, as do private-sector organisations when they carry out public functions.

To ensure your business complies with the latest disability access legislation and to avoid unwittingly discriminating against disabled people, you need to understand your workplace responsibilities. You may need to demonstrate that you’re taking steps to remove accessibility barriers for your own employees as well as any members of the public who use your services. This could include making changes to policy and practice, making physical adjustments to your premises, and providing extra support.

Compliance with disability access legislation will help you avoid someone bringing civil action against your business or organisation – a Disabled Access Risk Assessment can identify areas of compliance and non-compliance so you can make reasonable changes. Remember that not all disabilities are visible, and you may not be making the adjustments necessary to facilitate accessibility for those with hidden disabilities – especially if you only focus on wheelchair access.

A Disability Access Risk Assessment is an assessment to ensure that your organisation is not unknowingly discriminating against disabled people – whether they are in your organisation or members of the public. This will involve an examination of your site, an assessment of its accessibility, and a detailed report on the strengths and weaknesses identified, including recommended reasonable improvements.

Our disability access consultants will use their knowledge, experience, and training to make a thorough assessment of how well you have sufficient provisions to cater for disabled access and how you can remove a range of barriers to help ensure everyone has equal access, offering practical advice and support to help you keep on top of your obligations