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The importance of a Health & Safety Assessments

All employers are responsible for ensuring their premises stay up to date with Health & Safety Risk Assessments regardless of the size of the business or organisation and regardless of whether it’s in the public or private sector.

While everyone has a duty to comply with health and safety law, it is ultimately the responsibility of the employer for overseeing health and safety compliance in the workplace in order to ensure that risks are minimised to protect the health, safety, and welfare of employees and the general public.

In order to protect employees and members of the public from risks and dangers in your workplace, you need to follow the latest safety guidance and legislation. If you do not comply with current Health & Safety legislation, you leave yourself open to risk of accidents and subsequent legal action against your business.

With minimal disruption to your working routine, the Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted by us will involve an in-depth inspection of your premises by a friendly and helpful consultant to measure the current risk associated with any hazards in your workplace against the relevant guidance and legislation. Our consultant will inspect any potential physical risks in the workplace and investigate how successfully your organisation is following relevant safety processes and procedures.

You will be provided with a report in electronic format detailing the steps recommended to eliminate or minimize any hazards identified in your workplace. Your recommended actions will be ranked in order of priority so you can identify the most important next steps in meeting compliance.