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Quick and easy urinalysis

WMS Valutest Sticks offer a convenient and effective method for performing rapid and efficient urine tests in medical practices. They serve as an invaluable tool for assessing overall health, aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of various conditions that affect kidney function, endocrine disorders, and urinary tract disorders.

Valutest sticks provide accurate results for the following parameters:

- Microalbumin (indicative of kidney damage)

- Creatinine (assessing kidney function)

- Ascorbic Acid (providing nutritional insights and enhancing the accuracy of other parameters)

By including both Creatinine and Microalbumin in the test strip, it becomes possible to measure the patient's Albumin to Creatinine Ratio (ACR). This measurement holds particular significance for individuals at risk of or already diagnosed with conditions such as Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, or Cardiovascular Disease. Moreover, these strips can also be effectively used with boric acid.

WMS Valutest Sticks present an efficient and reliable solution for conducting urine tests in medical settings, enabling healthcare professionals to evaluate patients' health, diagnose potential issues, and monitor treatment progress.

Quick and Easy
Testing Procedure

Valutest are easy to use and offer results in 60 seconds (90-120 seconds for Leukocytes).


Dip the strip into the urine up to the test area for no more than 2 seconds


Draw the strip along the edge of the container to remove any excess urine making sure the test area’s do not touch the container.


After 60 seconds (90-120 for leukocytes) read the result by comparing the colours of the reagent pads to the chart on the vial.

Valutest 2 Parameter Valutest 8 Parameter Valutest 10 Parameter
Leukocytes X
Nitrite X
Urobilinogen X X
pH X
Blood X
Specific Gravity X
Ketone X
Bilirubin X X