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Premoxad (Naloxone) 2ml Pre-Filled Syringe POM x1

IDJ198, 66336, 379-7131, 66336 (379-7131)
Pharmaceutical Product

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Solution for injection/infusion in a pre-filled syringe - sterile, clear and colourless liquid with a pH of 3.0-4.0 and osmolarity 270 to 300 mOsmol/L.

Therapeutic indications:
Prenoxad Injection is intended for emergency use in the home or other non- medical setting by appropriate individuals or in a health facility setting for the complete or partial reversal of respiratory depression induced by natural and synthetic opioids, including methadone, and certain other opioids such as dextropropoxyphene and certain mixed agonist/antagonist analgesics: nalbuphine and pentazocine. For this reason Prenoxad Injection should be carried by persons at risk of such events. It may also be used for the diagnosis of suspected acute opioid overdose.


Nature and contents of container:
• Sterile solution for injection presented in a Glass (Type I) 2ml prefilled syringe. The pack contains two 23G x 1¼” needles

Special precautions for storage:
• This medicinal product does not require any special temperature storage conditions.
• Keep the syringe in the plastic box in order to protect from light.
• Store in the original container.

Patient Information Leaflet:

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Presentation Pre-Filled Syringe
Presentation Pre-Filled Syringe
Presentation Pre-Filled Syringe
Presentation Pre-Filled Syringe
Pack size 1
Presentation Pre-Filled Syringe
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