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Mesorb Dressing, 10cm x 15cm - x 10

IDD024614, 99XX0258

Mesorb is a highly absorbent dressing which can retain high volumes of exudate. Its backing is fluid-repellent which protects the wound and helps prevent exudate strike-through.

Wound exudate is absorbed through the wound contact layer and into the cellulose pulp at the core of the dressing. The backing layer is folded over the edges of the wound contact layer to minimise fluid leakage around the sides of the dressing.

Mesorb can be used as a primary dressing or as a secondary dressing where high absorbency is needed.


• Absorbent dressing with strike-through exudate barrier
• Highly absorbent core absorbs exudate, while simultaneously providing a good protective and ventilating wound cushion
• Fluid-repellent strikethrough barrier prevents leakage and outer contamination
• Low adherent wound contact layer offers impressive patient comfort

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Indications Can be used as a primary dressing or a secondary dressing where high absorbency is required.
Waterproof No