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Medipore + Pad 5cm x 7.2cm x50

IDD3013, MM3562E

The dressing is made of a porous, breathable soft cloth material with a central, low-adherent absorbent pad. The pad absorbs wound exudate, yet resists sticking to the wound surface, allowing easy removal of the dressing. The dressing's soft stretchable backing conforms well to body contours. Corners are rounded to help prevent edge roll and wrinkling. The hypoallergenic adhesive is strong yet easy to remove. Available in six sizes to suit different wound applications.

The 3M Medipore + Pad adhesive wound dressing consists of a non-adherent absorbent pad bonded to a larger soft cloth backing coated with a border of hypoallergenic,water resistant adhesive. The dressing is hypoallergenic and presented sterile.

Indications for Use
• Surgical incisions
• Infected wounds
• Superficial/partial thickness wounds
• Lacerations, abrasions and small burns
• Light to moderate draining wounds
• As a medical device dressing


• Efficient and versatile all-in-one sterile dressing
• Flexible and conformable
• Excellent adhesion, yet easy to remove
• Full range of sizes for a variety of applications
• Water-resistant

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