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Granufle 10cm x 10cm x10

ID155525, C8S150, 99XX0345

Granuflex incorporates ConvaTecs hydrocolloid formulation which forms a cohesive gel on contact with a moist wound surface which promotes healing. It keeps nerve ending moist which helps provide pain relief. The dressing is easy to apply and remove and does not damage newly formed tissue.


• Aids autolytic debridement
• Supports a moist wound healing environment
• Provides a bacterial and viral barrier
• Helps relieve discomfort and pain
• Easy to apply and remove

Exudate Level: Low to moderately exuding wounds

Days of Wear: Up to 7 days

Indications: Pressure ulcers, leg ulcers traumatic wounds, partial thickness burns and donor sites

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Indications Chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers (Stage I-IV), leg ulcers, traumatic wounds (minor abrasions, lacerations) partial thickness burns and donor sites.