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Show your fridge some love!

We know that accurate temperature control is fundamentally important for both the transportation and storage of your vaccines. A failing fridge can easily impact upon patient well-being and be expensive in terms of wasted vaccines and higher insurance premiums.  As the weather improves, fridges start to work much harder and are more likely to fail so now's a great time to plan ahead.

We're proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your fridges remain in tip-top condition to ensure their contents are stored correctly.


Our specialist fridge service partners offer a choice of three services to ensure your pharmacy fridges remain in the best possible condition including a temperature check, PAT test and a visual test as standard. Our enhanced services include a full service of your appliance.


Our Bronze Package offers a single, annual visit including cleaning of the fridge along with electrical safety testing, calibration and verification of temperature and a detailed audit report created for you by a certified refrigeration engineer.


Our Silver Package extends our Bronze Package to include two visits to your site per year.  We'll arrange the exact times, but approximately six months apart is what we'd recommend.


Our Gold Package adds on a callout and break-fix option adding additional peace of mind.  This includes any charges of up to £200* incurred as a result of a breakdown.

* any additional charges will be notified prior to work commencing and will be charged separately.

For more information or to book your fridge for a service, please call our team on 01685 845555 or complete our enquiry form below.

We'd love to help make your fridge feel loved!

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