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Connecting Devices, Connecting Patients

Williams Medical is working with partners from across the industry to develop a range of devices that can be used by patients at home in the community whilst ensuring care providers have secure remote access to key information.

Our range of glucose meters, blood pressure machines, spirometers and peak flow meters and is developing all the time - check this page out regularly to see what’s new.

If you’d like to discuss adding connected health to your patient pathways, please contact us on 01685 846666 and we’ll be delighted to arrange a demonstration at your convenience!

By Tim Jarrett, Head of Medical Services, August 2022

As UK healthcare moves on from the challenges of Covid 19, there are huge opportunities to introduce new ways of working. For more than 30 years, Williams Medical Supplies has partnered with our friends across primary care to ensure that they have access to the latest in diagnostic equipment. To support this even further, we're now developing a range of Connected Health products.

A driving ethos of our new range is to enable patients to be more in control of their conditions. This is particularly important for those who are able to make appropriate choices by adjusting their lifestyles in ways that suit them.

A great case in point can be found within diabetic patients, particularly those with Type 2 diabetes.  The NHS expends a huge amount of energy and spends multiple billions of pounds annually treating what in many cases are wholly preventable complications.

Williams is delighted to have partnered with Dario Health to introduce their growing range of diagnostic equipment to the UK market.

The first element of the Dario range widely available in the UK is their All-In-One glucose meter. In contrast to traditional glucose monitors (which are often bulky, require batteries or recharging and are often accompanied by a range of paraphernalia such as lancets and strips which all need to be carried), the All-In-One offers a convenient package no larger than a highlighter pen!

At either end of the device are the strips and built-in lancing device, in the middle is the compact Dario meter – designed to plug in directly to an Android (USB-C) or iPhone (lighting connector). No pairing is required as happens with Bluetooth devices, and training is the matter of seconds. As soon as the meter is plugged in to the phone, the Dario App will launch with clear prompts to insert a strip, apply a small drop of blood after which the reading is given in no more than a few seconds.

The device is extremely popular with younger users and importantly has proven results.  Coupled with the healthy lifestyle guidance that the App provides via notifications and email ‘nudges' and consultation with appropriate healthcare professionals, the results are impressive.

HBA1C Hypers In range readings Extreme events

Sharing data with healthcare providers

Whilst allowing individual patients to monitor their own levels, the power of the Dario All-In-One Meter and App can be multiplied by using the Dario Engage platform.  Written with care-providers in mind, this online portal allows patients to be monitored as a group, providing insights that are not normally available from patients who choose to record their activities in a traditional diary.

The dashboard system allows patients who are showing increased levels or who are not measuring regularly to be identified and contacted – saving healthcare professionals time and improving outcomes by focusing on those most needing support with their condition.
We'd love to arrange a demonstration for you.  If you're interested, please contact us at medical.services@wms.co.uk and we'll reach out to you.

Over the next few months, we'll be focusing on other conditions where our Connected Health range can support you and your colleagues, so watch out for more here soon!