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Unistik® 3 Comfort (1.8mm) x100

IDD237, AT1042, AUAT1042, 317-2277, K330

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The highest level of safety for healthcare professionals and patients

Unistik 3 lancets provide and easy and convenient way to take a blood sample. The activation button and alignment arrow on the side allows you to determine when and where you activate the device. Once activated the needle retracts into the body of the device which reduces the risk of injury.

Unistik 3 incorporates Comfort Zone technology which simply means when you press the lancet against the skin, the 8 raised dots on the end send a message of comfort to the brain, masking the pain sensation caused by the needle.

The Unistik 3 Neonatal is a puncture blade device designed for comfortable neonatal heel sample.

Unistik® 3 Comfort
Gauge: 28G, Depth: 1.8mm, Average Blood Volume: 5ul - 30ul

Unistik® 3 Normal
Gauge: 23G, Depth: 1.8mm, Average Blood Volume: 30ul - 75ul

Unistik® 3 Extra
Gauge: 21G, Depth: 2.0mm, Average Blood Volume: 75ul - 125ul

Unistik® 3 Neonatal & Laboratory
Gauge: 18G, Depth: 1.8mm, Average Blood Volume: 200ul+


• Control via the activation button and alignment guide
• Comfort Zone technology maximises comfort during the sampling procedure
• Needle retracts immediately after use to reduce the risk of needlestick injury
• Lock out indicator prevents reuse

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