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Prolia denosumab 60 mg solution for injection in pre-filled syringe 60mg/1ml PFS

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Prolia contains denosumab, a protein (monoclonal antibody) that interferes with the action of another protein, in order to treat bone loss and osteoporosis. Treatment with Prolia makes bone stronger and less likely to break.                                                              Bone is a living tissue and is renewed all the time. Oestrogen helps keep bones healthy. After the menopause, oestrogen level drops which may cause bones to become thin and fragile. This can eventually lead to a condition called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can also occur in men due to a number of causes including ageing and/or a low level of the male hormone, testosterone. It can also occur in patients receiving glucocorticoids. Many patients with osteoporosis have no symptoms, but they are still at risk of breaking bones, especially in the spine, hips and wrists.                                                        Surgery or medicines that stop the production of oestrogen or testosterone used to treat patients with breast or prostate cancer can also lead to bone loss. The bones become weaker and break more easily.                                                                      

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