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Keeler Pocket Diagnostic Set 2.8V

IDW5900, AF-1702-P-1037, 1702-P-1037, P482

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The high quality Keeler Practitioner Diagnostic Set is available with a choice of rechargeable or dry cell handles. The set is presented in a durable storage and transportation case and is supplied complete with 5 disposable and 5 re-usable specula.

The ophthalmoscope's positive maywheel lens control allows you to click through lens powers from 40D to -25D. Six beams offer full diagnostic capability, including a blue filter for corneal scratches, and a red free filter for enhanced vessel examination.

The otoscope features a large slide-aside 2.5 x lens that ensures a clear view of aural structures along with the ability to undertake pneumatic testing for tympanic mobility.

The otoscope's unobstructed head ensures that instruments can be easily introduced into the ear, and wax and other foreign bodies can be removed.


Keeler Pocket Otoscope

• Ideal for domiciliary or ward work or as a second instrument.
• 2.5x magnifying lens removable to allow the introduction of small instruments.
• Closed head design particularly suited to pneumatic testing.
• Disposable specula supplied.
• Full diagnostic capability in a pocket sized instrument.
• All instruments have genuine Halogen Illumination for clear and accurate aural images.
• Security assured, from the reliable metal handle and screw thread head to handle fitting.
• New slimline, lightweight, robust handle.
• Lithium-ion technology provides a longer life battery and fast charge capability.
• Ring rheostat for smooth and easy control of illumination.
• Runs from 2xAA batteries

Keeler Pocket Ophthalmoscope

• Brilliant halogen illumination
• +20 to -20D lens range for clear and effortless examination of all ocular structures.
• Runs from 2xAA batteries
• Ideal for domiciliary or ward work or as a second instrument.

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Product Data
Warranty 3 years
Brand Keeler
Contents • Pocket Ophthalmoscope head
• Pocket Otoscope head
• Handle
Warranty 3 years
Warranty 3 years
Brand Keeler