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Guest Medical Urine and Vomit Spill Large Kit

IDD3230, H8625

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Although unpleasant, urine and vomit spills do not tend to present the same risk of viral infection as blood and other bodily fluids.

The Urine and Vomit Spill Kits are more acceptable to healthcare personnel who deal with spills as they do not contain chlorine, which can emit odours and additional chlorine gas. The NQ64 granules in the kits are a unique formulation containing absorbents and de-odorisers that quickly absorb liquid to allow easy collection and disposal.

The supplied alcohol surface wipes make dealing with urine or vomit spills a simple task that can be completed with the minimum of training. Furthermore, N64 granules will not bleach or mark soft furnishings or fabrics.


• Not chlorine based
• NQ64 granules in the kit are a special blend of absorbents and de-odorising fragrance granules
• Available in a pack with a super absorbent pad (ideal for all surfaces, especially carpets etc.)
• Granules and any solid matter to be easily scooped up and removed to the clinical waste sack with a minimum of fuss
• Alcohol Surface Wipes may then be used to disinfect the area

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Brand Guest Medical
Contents Large Kit:
• 6 shakers containing NQ64 granules
• 8 scoops and scrapers
• 8 Individual Alcohol Surface wipes
• 16 synthetic protective gloves
• 8 yellow clinical waste disposal bags
• 8 disposable aprons and full instructions for use

Single Pack:
• 1 super absorbent pad
• 1 alcohol surface wipe
• 1 pair of synthetic gloves
• 1 waste disposal bag
• 1 disposable apron and full instructions for use
Brand Guest Medical