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    Extensive product ranges
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Maximising Product Safety

Traditional pharmacy-grade refrigerators struggle to maintain temperatures below 8°C for more than an hour after a power loss or compression failure, increasing the risk of product loss. With the Apollo™ Panel, your refrigerator gains up to 7 hours of resiliency during power outages or mechanical failures. This extended temperature stability eliminates product waste allowing the opportunity to correct and save the perishable goods.

Carbon Neutral

Made from Eco-Friendly BioPCM® Technology:
In 2020, the NHS set out its ambition to be the world’s first net zero national health service, as well as reducing medicines wastage, the Apollo BioPCM panels show a reduction in energy consumption of medical fridges, aiding GP practices and NHS facilities to reduce their carbon footprint. The Apollo Panel is Made from proprietary BioPCM®, derived entirely from plant-based materials that is non-toxic and safe to use with a life of 5 years plus. The Apollo™ Panel enables up to a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Lowering energy consumption reduces your carbon footprint and could extend the life of your fridge.


“Our experience of a cold chain breach and the process that followed was lengthy and involved,this took valuable time away from the day-to-day care of our patients…” “Anything that would enable longer cold stability in the fridges if this happened again would be a very valuable tool.”


1. Easy To Install: The Apollo™ Panels are easily attached to the underside of shelves in a refrigerator using zip ties in under 45 minutes.

2. Zero Maintenance: The Apollo™ Panel requires no direct or backup power and is maintenance-free.