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Flexi-T 380 Plus

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Flexi-T 380 Plus IUD

Durable, reliable, hormone-free - No impact on libido

Much like the Flexi-T+ 300, the Flexi-T+ 380 is an enlarged variant of the Flexi-T 300, with dimensions of 32 mm in length and 28 mm in width, encompassing 380 mm² of copper. The distinction between the Flexi-T+ 300 and the Flexi-T+ 380 lies in the quantity of copper and its distribution, providing five years of superior contraceptive safeguard.

The IUD is simple to place and the process is virtually free of pain. As the Flexi-T lacks hormones, it doesn't interfere with the body's natural hormonal equilibrium, ensuring the menstrual cycle stays regular.



  • Length of shaft: 29 mm
  • Transverse arms: 23 mm
  • Copper surface: 300 mm2


Bioactive component: Copper wire of the highest purity (99.9%) on the stem

Material of the carrier: Polypropylene mixed with barium sulfate for visibility to X-ray


Recommended application:

  •  This is ideal for women between the ages of 20 and 35 who have given birth to one or more children as research has indicated that the size of the uterus tends to be slightly larger after pregnancy.
  • Uterine sound length (5 cm)
  • Postcoital interception



  • Does not use a plunger, so there is no risk of perforation
  • The copper used in the Flexi-T has antibacterial properties
  • Designed to fit comfortably
  • Does not contain any hormones
  • Suitable for use by all women
  • Offers protection as soon as it’s in place – and the protection lasts for 5 years
  • No residual effects after removal
  • Fully fertile again immediately after removal
  • No impact on libido


For more information please visit: eurim-iud.de 

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