Microlife are a market leader in the development of medical diagnostic equipment; providing devices that enable the user to monitor and improve their health.

The Microlife range includes devices and accessories that monitor and analyse your patients fever, blood pressure, respiratory conditions or weight.

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Microlife IR150 Infrared Ear Thermometer
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Microlife A2 Basic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
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Microlife OXY300 Finger Pulse Oximeter
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Microlife WatchBP Home Blood Pressure Monitor
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WatchBP Monitors & Accessories

Microlife Watch BP provides a solution that makes screening for important cardiovascular risks easy, fast and accurate; our range includes Watch BP Office, O3 and Home models.

Blood Pressure Monitors & Accessories

Microlife can provide the correct blood pressure monitor for every need; from aneroid devices, to upper arm automatic and semi-automatic devices that feature MAM, AFIB or PAD Blood Pressure Technologies.

Respiratory Care & Accessories

Microlife's extensive respiratory product range consist of nebulisers, asthma monitoring peak flow meters and a portable fingertip pulse oximeter that is suitable for use in a GP environment as well as at home.

Infrared Thermometers & Accessories

The Microlife range of Infrared Thermometers are clinically tested and designed to be multifunctional - measuring body, objects and ambient temperature in just 1 second.