Huntleigh Dopplex ABIlity

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Be the first to review this product
Huntleigh Dopplex ABIlity Automatic Ankle Brachial Index System
Huntleigh Dopplex ABIlity Automatic Ankle Brachial Index System
Huntleigh Dopplex ABIlity Automatic Ankle Brachial Index System
Huntleigh Dopplex ABIlity Automatic Ankle Brachial Index System
Huntleigh Dopplex ABIlity ABI System
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"The Dopplex ABIlity from market leaders Huntleigh measures ankle brachial index in just three minutes. ABI is regarded as the most effective, accurate and practical method of detecting peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in a broad range of patients."

Huntleigh Dopplex ABIlity

The Dopplex Ability offers a cost-effective solution for the measurement of ABI while providing an immediate printout of results from the integral printer or optional DR4 software package.

Based on volume plethysmography technology, which is superior to other automatic systems using the oscillometric method, the ABIlity is able to detect low ankle pressures in as low as 55mmHg and ABIs as low as 0.29 (Lewis, 2014).

The Dopplex Ability also excels over other ABI automated systems as it measures the blood pressures in both arms, using the patented two chamber cuffs, before utilising the higher pressure to calculate the ABI. This complies with current guidelines for ABI measurement and calculation published by NICE, ESC, TASC2 and AHA while automated systems which measure the pressure in one arm only, may miss or incorrectly classify cases of PAD.

An average sized surgery could have up to 300 patients who are at risk to having PAD.  Testing them with Dopplex ABIlity would have taken 25 hours in total vs 150 hours with the traditional method.

Easy as 1-2-3!

Using a conventional doppler to measure ABI can be time consuming due to the difficulty in locating vessels and the need to maintain contact during inflation and deflation processes.

The Dopplex ABIlity deskills the ABI test and experienced users are able to obtain accurate measurements in as few as three minutes.

The Dopplex ABIlity features a built-in thermal printer and is supplied complete with batteries, printer paper and a set of standard cuffs.

10 reasons to choose the ABIlity

  1. Extremely easy to use and fully automatic
    Minimal training required
  2. No need to rest patient for 15 minutes
    Reducing total test time
  3. Rapid bi-lateral ABI measurement in 3 minutes
    Simultaneous measurements reduces time
  4. ABI can now be undertaken by healthcare support staff
    Makes the measurement more cost effective
  5. No need to remove patient's socks or tights
    Maintaining patient comfort and dignity
  6. Easy to apply 4 cuff system
    Improving patient experience
  7. Portable and powered by mains or rechargeable battery
    For home or clinical environments
  8. Integral printer for documentation of results and waveforms
    Instant hard copy for patient notes and reimbursement
  9. Automatic interpretation of ABI
    Reduces operator error
  10. Accurate reproducible results
    Clinically proven by recent studies


  • Measures ABI in as few as 3 minutes
  • PAD can be detected between 3 to 5 minutes
  • Integrated thermal printer for an instant record of the measurements
  • Supplied complete with standard Adult Cuff set (22-36cm), battery, mains cable, and full user instructions

Warranty: 1 Year

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