Hello! Hello. A small word that can mean so much.

Find out below how Williams Medical are helping spread the message of the #HelloMyNameIs campaign to help personalise care in the NHS.
Emma Lee

Hello, my name is Emma Lee and I'm the Online Merchandising & Marketing Manager for Williams Medical.

During a recent meeting with Jade Williams, our Product Manager for Equipment & Uniforms, we started to discuss the #HelloMyNameIs campaign that we'd both seen on BBC Breakfast that morning. Passionate about the message being promoted, we wanted to help � but how?

The #HelloMyNameIs campaign is the brainchild of Dr Kate Granger, a young hospital consultant who is also a terminally ill cancer patient. During a stay at hospital, it dawned on Kate that staff forgot the basics and often didn't introduce themselves. Kate talks about this as "the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care" and sees it as the start of making a vital human connection, helping patients to relax, and build trust.

Supported by Listening into Action (LiA)®, the campaign is centred around embedding positive change within the NHS and we believed Williams Medical could help Kate's cause & raise further awareness in the UK healthcare sector.

Excited by the idea, we took our proposition to our Commercial Director, Chris Hawthorn, who wanted to help just as much as we did. He gave us the green light to contact our suppliers, source a local embroidery company, cost up the proposition and, above all, contact Dr Kate Granger & Hannah Forbes to ask if they would be interested in our idea.

Jade WilliamsWe wanted to literally "embed" the campaign message and raise awareness into the minds of NHS staff and patients alike, by providing quality uniforms at a reduced cost with the #HelloMyNameIs logo and staff's name embroidered. After presenting to the Williams Medical Board of Directors, they were not only excited by the idea, but wanted to support Kate's campaign as much as possible and agreed to absorb the embroidery cost for both the logo and the customisable name!

The first phase of our idea includes our bestselling nurses tunics, scrubs tops and polo shirts, all at reduced prices and with free embroidery. We hope Phase Two will include fleece jackets, hoodies and white doctor's coats. However, you're the customer - let us know what you'd like to see in Phase Two, or if you have any other comments, please send me an email at emma.lee@wms.co.uk.

Thank you for supporting #HelloMyNameIs!

Please remember to send us your photos or tweet us @williamsmedical.

To find out more about the #HelloMyNameIs campaign, please visit hellomynameis.org.uk or follow Dr Kate Granger on Twitter @GrangerKate.

To find out about LiA, please visit www.listeningintoaction.co.uk.