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Williams Medical Supplies continued success is dependant upon the skills and knowledge of its people. We are committed to developing the wide range of capabilities that our workforce offers.

We encourage a culture which values and recognises outstanding performance. To help our workforce achieve their personal best, we have created an environment that encourages our people to develop to their full potential.

From their very first day in the business, each and every employee participates in an induction programme which enables them to understand the day to day operations and the strategy for each area of the business. This develops awareness of the fit between the work that they undertake as an individual and the rest of the organisation. It promotes a strong ethic of 'team' within the Company.

Our exceptional performance-led culture is supported by regular one to one meetings between managers and individuals, 6-monthly performance reviews and clear objective setting and progress review.

Individuals are supported in planning personal development and deciding longer-term career goals. This is further encouraged by the use of assessment and development centres, providing opportunities to job shadow, work as part of a cross-functional team or take part in our management and leadership development programmes.

Barriers to personal development are broken down by the offering of basic skills assessment, vocational qualifications, short courses, community team building events and online learning, you can even borrow books from our library situated in the companies ‘rest room’ – ‘The Sanctuary’'

As a business, Williams Medical Supplies is committed to nurturing and growing our talent, this enables us to be the BEST in all that we do.