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Littmann Classic III

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The Littmann Range

Littmann Cardiology IV
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The Cardiology IV brings new design, materials, and technology to the series that's been used and trusted by medical professionals for decades.
Littmann Cardiology III
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The Cardiology III features double lumen tubing for enhanced auscultation and a combination chestpiece making it suitable for adult and paediatric patients.
Littmann Master Cardiology
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The Master Cardiology is Littmann's most sophisticated traditional stethoscope, with a durable, handcrafted stainless steel chestpiece.
3100 Electronic
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Littmann's noise reduction technology removes up to 85% of ambient background noise, delivering enhanced amplification.
3200 Electronic
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The Model 3200 Electronic Stethoscope looks and feels like a traditional steth, yet is packed with technology including noise reduction and recording.
Littmann Master Classic II
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The durable Master Classic II has a non-chill rim, tuneable diaphragm and single-sided chestpiece that's comfortable in use.
Littmann Lightweight II
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The Lightweight II stethoscope has a unique chestpiece, designed to make navigating around obstructions and body contours easier than ever.
Littmann Select
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The ideal choice for nurses and technicians, the Littmann Select has a single-sided chestpiece and tuneable diaphragm for high and low frequencies.
Littmann Classic II
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The Littmann Classic II is our best-selling stethoscope, with a traditional two-sided chestpiece and tuneable diaphragm for high and low frequencies.
Parts and Accessories
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Keep your Littmann stethoscope in tip-top condition with our range of parts and accessories including replacement tubing, earpieces and diaphragms.