Blood Pressure ZoneMore and more people in the UK regularly monitor their blood pressure at the GP, at home and after exercise.

To support this we've reduced our prices across our range of digital BPMs from brand leaders AND Medical and Omron!
AND UA-767S Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Was £19.98 - Save £25.01
Now Only £19.98
(£23.98 including VAT)
Product code W43223
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AND UA-767S-W Digital BP Monitor - With AC Adaptor
Was £34.98 - Save £20.01
Now Only £34.98
(£41.98 including VAT)
Product code W43221/1
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Omron M6 AC Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Power Adaptor
RRP £89.95 - Save £26.97
Now Only £62.98
(£75.58 including VAT)
Product code W4365
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Omron HBP-1300 Blood Pressure Monitor
RRP £249.95 - Save £20.73
Now Only £229.22
(£275.06 including VAT)
Product code W26860
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We've gathered all our best-selling customer favourite Digital, ABPM and Aneroid blood pressure monitors together in one place.
Our range of digital blood pressure monitors include solutions for even the most demanding user. Compare our products and find the most suitable solution for your needs.
Our selection of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors includes units from Omron, Riester, Welch Allyn and BPro.
Aneroid Sphygmomanometers
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Waiting Room
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Designed to withstand the daily rigours of general practice, our range of aneroid sphygs includes models from Welch Allyn, Accoson, Riester and KaWe.
Our range of blood pressure accesories includes replacement cuffs, cuff protectors, inflation bulbs and more.
Our selection of arm-in blood pressure monitors can save practitioner time and help ease white coat syndrome.
A word about Mercury

In April 2009 it became illegal in the UK to use mercury in any thermometers or sphygmomanometers meant for sale to the general public, but sales to professional users were allowed until April 2014.

Whilst using devices containing mercury remains permitted, it's essential that professionals are aware of the risk to health from damaged units, and the correct disposal methods.

  • Exposure to mercury can have serious toxic effects
  • Care should be taken when handling, storing and transporting devices containing mercury
  • All areas where mercury is present should have an easily accessible spillage and disposal kit
  • Damaged or obsolete devices that contain mercury should be disposed of by a licensed waste carrier

Williams Medical is a licensed waste carrier, and we're able to safely remove and dispose of any devices that contain mercury.

We ensure that items are transported in a secure container, and leave a certificate confirming that your items have been removed and handled correctly.

All mercury is extracted in an environmentally responsible manner.

Find out more about our Mercury Disposal Service